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Passion For The Game

High schools from across North & South Carolina can submit a player for review by the Shrine Bowl selection committee. The Shrine bowl holds several combines where high school athletes can compete against the clock for speed and accuracy in various events. Player candidates get notified of results, and teams begin taking shape; one for North Carolina, one for South Carolina.

Covid Protocol


    1.  All players will have a temperature screening at the time of their initial physical assessment. Anyone found to have a temperature > 100.4 will be isolated and tested for COVID-19.

    2. All players will be given a screening questionnaire regarding potential COVID-19-related symptoms that may have started in the five days prior to their physical. If screening is positive, then the player will be isolated initially and tested for COVID-19.

    3.  If a player meets the criteria above for initial testing, return to play will be determined by the Shrine Bowl medical director, pending COVID-19 testing results and clinical symptoms.


    1. Any player or staff member with new symptoms compatible with potential COVID-19 will be isolated and tested immediately.

    2.  A positive rapid test will be considered a positive case. However, if the person has symptoms and has a negative rapid test, they must have a confirmatory negative PCR test to return from isolation

    3.  Any player or staff member testing positive will be required to complete an isolation protocol congruent with current CDC recommendations (5 days from onset of symptoms, with the first day of symptoms being ‘Day 0’)

    4.  If a person has close exposure (i.e., sharing a room) with a person who tests positive, the exposed person should wear a mask during non-exertional athletic activities for five days after exposure and test for COVID-19 on day five after exposure if no symptoms develop. They should isolate and test immediately if symptoms develop at any time.


The above guidelines are applicable to all participants regardless of immunization status, although COVID-19 vaccination is universally recommended at this time by the CDC, ACEP, and AAP, among many other agencies.

Prepared by Dr. Patrick Williams, MD

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